Our Story

After working in the medical field for several years, Meggie Jones took a big leap at age twenty-nine. She went into business for herself, starting a private-paid, assisted-care facility that catered to hospice patients. She found she really loved to work with the elderly on their skin integrity. When two patients could no longer afford to stay, Meggie came up with an ingenious plan to keep them at the facility, rather than having to send them to a county facility. She opened a day spa that gave her the supplemental income to continue giving care to her residents.

Using the natural formula for elderly skin issues that she had developed with a biochemist, she serendipitously discovered that it helped her spa clients too. And when she lost 4 dress sizes through repeated exposure to the antioxidants and minerals in the product, she knew she had something special!


    Meggie’s spa in Gilbert, AZ grew from 1,000 to 7,000 square feet in three years. She later expanded the business to occupy 10,000 square feet. Her spa became the place to go, becoming a phenomenon for celebrities and high-profile individuals as hundreds and hundreds of clients lined up out the door for a session.

    Meggie’s formula for skin vitality was just the first chapter of her remarkable entrepreneurial journey as her sculpting product racked up sales over $500,000 each year at her pilot location. (To learn more about becoming a provider, learn more here).

    Always looking to improve her initial formula, she eventually sold her spa in order to start Slimmer Silhouette Corporation. As CEO, she was introduced to Premiere Micronutrients Corp and a group of doctors working on creating antioxidants for the military and NASA. Originally, the formula was oral, and it took a lot of time and investment to create a formula that is transdermal (delivered through the skin).

    Some of the world’s leading experts in antioxidant science, PMC had been studying the effects of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals on the body for over 35 years. Together he and Meggie are sparking a whole new conversation about the potent power of micronutrients and health.


    Caring for the Elderly

    As Meggie has expanded her company, she remembers where it all started: her private-pay elderly care facility for hospice patients. She continues to care for the elderly by donating her revolutionary products, along with inflatable bath tubs. This way, elderly patients can enjoy the luxury of a much-missed bath, and can do so without getting up — soaking in all the antioxidants and micronutrients from the comfort of their own beds.

    Caring for Our Beloved Pets

    Meggie has also since developed a new separate company called Nutrient Touch for pets. She works with non-profits like Pugnation and SwitHeart Animal Alliance — to help restore health and longevity to beloved dogs, cats and horses.

    What she’s seen has been nothing short of miraculous. Some dogs that weren't walking one day, start walking the next after their owners use her pet bath product. In some cases some dogs, cats and horses that were scheduled to be euthanized have had those euthanization appointments canceled after their owners gave them a bath with her products.

    Nutrient Touch keeps pets of all ages healthy and strong as it helps to:

    • Relieve joint pain
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Increase mobility
    • Lower stress
    • Improve sleep
    • Extend longevity
    • Support the immune system