About Us

After working in the medical field for several years, Meggie Jones took a big leap at age twenty-nine. She went into business for herself, starting a private-paid, assisted-care facility that catered to hospice patients. When two patients could no longer afford to stay, Meggie came up with an ingenious plan. She decided to open a day spa that allowed her to continue giving care to her residents, using a natural formula for elderly skin issues she had developed with a biochemist.

Meggie’s formula for skin vitality was just the first chapter of her remarkable entrepreneurial journey as her sculpting product racked up sales over $500,000 each year at her pilot location.

Always looking to improve her initial formula, she eventually sold her spa to start Slimmer Silhouette Corporation. As CEO, she was introduced to Dr. Kedar Prasad by a mutual acquaintance.

One of the world’s leading experts in antioxidant science, Dr. Prasad had been studying the effects of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals on the body for over 35 years. Together he and Meggie are sparking a whole new conversation about the potent power of micronutrients and health.